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Service: Gov Camp Event, Digital Marketing, Video Production


Challenge: Generate interest amongst a majority 51% Canadian online audience for “Gov Camp” Open Government Unconference.


Success: fusedlogic generated a 93% majority Canadian audience and exceeded expected online attendance and real-time engagement via a fusedlogic live video stream of the Gov Camp. This was accomplished in part by Walter Schwabe securing live interviews with influential open government advocates across Canada, including Microsoft’s National Technology Office, City of Edmonton Chief Information Officer, and Executive Director of Citizen Engagement Government Communications and Public Engagement for the Government of British Columbia.

Microsoft Canada

Service: Digital Marketing, Video Production


Challenge: Create awareness for The City of Edmonton’s Open Data program.


Success: fusedlogic was able to increase awareness for The City of Edmonton’s Open Data program by targeting a local Edmonton online audience. Further, we were able to generate awareness across a targeted Open Government audience that included The City of San Francisco’s Chief Information Officer, an Open Government conference in New Hampshire, as well as, audiences in over 10 additional countries, which engaged with our local Edmonton online audience. This specific awareness resulted in The City of Edmonton collaborating with The City of San Francisco on Open Data initiatives at a later date.

City of Edmonton IT Branch

Service: Website, Digital Marketing


Challenge: Increase brand awareness and position Surface Solutions Inc. as an industry leader for “off-set” frac monitoring.


Success: fusedlogic was able to position the SSI brand as the industry leader in monitoring services ahead of a regulatory change that forced the energy sector to monitor all frac activity in Alberta. The result was that our client as a thought leader in the space and experienced a dramatic increase in sales. Further, our work generated considerable earned international media exposure and inquiries regarding SSI services once the regulatory changes took effect.

Surface Solutions Inc.

Service: Brand Development, Website, Digital Marketing


Challenge: Create a successful and sustainable marketing program for the company. Renew the Kaymor brand and increase awareness for services in their geographic region.


Success: This project is in its second year. A new website and corporate blog was designed, new logo and brand implemented. fusedlogic has created a marketing structure that includes consistent online content generation and distribution. Direct feedback from the client confirms that fusedlogic’s work has increased awareness for Kaymor services and has generated new business opportunities. Including the launch of a new Highway Tank Certification and Repair service in the Grande Prairie region.

Kaymor Machining & Welding

Service: Brand Development, Website, Digital Marketing


Challenge: Increase awareness and new patient appointments for Dr. Kali’s dental practice within the Grande Prairie region.


Success: This project is on-going. fusedlogic developed a brand new logo as part of a brand package and new website. Established a consistent presence on Facebook and Twitter generating positive feedback and patient testimonials for Dr. Kali. A content plan has been implemented to increase SEO results for key dental services that Dr. Kali specializes in.

Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic

Service: Digital Marketing, Event Planning


Challenge: To engage the School of Business student body and encourage them to reach out their online networks and promote the School of Business.


Success: fusedlogic created and implemented a first ever Blog Camp for MacEwan University’s School of Business. fusedlogic was able to gain the interest of several local businesses and media outlets to participate in Blog Camp. The event was designed as an 8-hour blogging competition with student participants. A large amount of content was generated and the extended online networks of 24 students were engaged leading up to and during the event itself. fusedlogic streamed video of the blogging competition live, a first for MacEwan University. The client was very excited about the results as word of the event spread across the university and beyond, driving awareness for the School of Business and thus enrolment in available courses.

Macewan University School of Business

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