Three Things Not to do on Your Website

Three Things Not to do on Your Website

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Your website is an important sales tool in your business’s arsenal, and like most people, you likely spent a lot of time and money on putting it together. As with any other business expense, you are looking for a return on the investment. The problem is, you don’t seem to be getting any new sales or leads coming in from your shiny new site! What gives?

Our last post talked about some ways to get your website working for you. In this article, we are going to cover three things not to do on your website that could be driving traffic away from your business.

Number One: Tumultuous Homepage

The first page a visitor sees when visiting your website is often going to be the homepage. This makes it the most valuable piece of digital real estate you have. It is crucial to grab your visitors interest immediately and convey your business’ message concisely so they know why they are there. You have fewer than 7 seconds in which to do this! Make every moment count!

Websites that have long load times, too much text, gratuitous animations, are not scaleable (mobile friendly), have illegible fonts, and gaudy colours among other factors can be a huge turn-off to your visitors and send them running for the hills! Unless you are in the circus business (and even then), juggling balls and 14 clowns popping out of a car have no place on your homepage!

Number Two: Mysterious Menus or Navigation

Have you ever gotten lost or taken extra time getting to a destination because someone (or your favourite GPS unit) gave you wrong or misleading directions? Get’s a little frustrating, doesn’t it! Now picture this happening on your website!

Elusive, hard to read, or confusing menu and navigation buttons make it difficult to navigate a website and often frustrate the user. Frustrated users will leave your page! Place your navigation system in an easy to find place, make sure there is a link back to the homepage, and use logical titles for your pages. Excessive animation is also not necessary here, see point number one.

Number Three: No Call to Action

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This has been covered in our last post and we cannot stress this enough. Not having a call to action is a waste of a website. It does not have to be complicated, but it needs to be there. A simple contact form is a good start! From there you can employ more advanced options such as: newsletter sign-up, free offers, coupons, and pre-exit pop-ups.

Not having a call to action is a surefire way to miss out on valuable conversion opportunities for your business!

Getting traffic is tough, keeping that traffic can be tougher! These three points are just a few of many things not to do with your website. The good news is that even if your website has any of these elements, it can be changed and improved!

If you would like to talk more about your website and see what you can do to keep your traffic and increase conversion, talk to us today!

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