The Evolution of the Internet

The Evolution of the Internet

The internet has gone by many names:┬áthe net; interwebs; the web; www; world wide web; cyberspace; W3; hyperspace; infobahn; online network; information highway; and my favourite – the information superhighway!

The internet is something we use so much, it’s almost a part of us. What would we do without it? What did we do before it? Our reliance on this powerful tool has increased as the technology has exponentially grown changing the world forever! This is the evolution of the internet. If there was a dance, it would look like this.

Internet of Information, Things, Value Venn Diagram

In this series, starting next week, we are going to look at the three phases of the internet. The Internet of Information; the Internet of Things; and the Internet of Value. Each segment will discuss the importance, relevance, and potential impact to businesses and owners going forward. We will wrap up with an important question: What next?

The Internet of Information (IoI)

In this post we will look at the early days of the internet. The ability to digitize information, to share information on a global scale, and the increased importance of data and analytics.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Here we will discuss the connected world of devices. Smart wearables to smart appliances to smart cities. We now live in a world where one device can talk to the next, give instructions, automate aspects of your life, and share information amongst themselves.

The Internet of Value (IoV)

This is the newest and biggest growth area of the internet and is where technology is enabling the transfer of anything of value without the need for powerful intermediaries. This technology is changing the way we do business and there is not an industry that will not feel the effects in some way.

Check back early next week, or follow our social accounts below, for the first instalment of this series looking at the evolution of the internet.

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