The Edmonton Dental Market – Exposing The Top Strategies

The Edmonton Dental Market – Exposing The Top Strategies

Lets talk about analytics….

If you were to run a Facebook ad today to target new clients, which demographics would you target first?  How many accounts does your business reach a month and who engages with your content?

A successful online marketing strategy does not exist without analytics.

Almost all marketing platforms track data and metrics. Measurements such as reach, engagement and who is clicking through to learn more about your products, is just a few of the analytics that make up the full scale analytical capabilities of what is online.

Why are analytics crucial to your marketing?

Analytical metrics and data help you understand where your marketing dollars are going today, so you can plan for tomorrow and of course the year ahead. They allow you to learn what is working well on the platforms that you are using and where you could improve.

Analytics in the dental market

Here at fusedlogic we are able to take a look at specific industries and understanding how they are performing online.

For a period of 30 days the team tracked five dental clinics in the Edmonton area. We gained valuable insight into the dental market online and how some of the top dental clinics in Edmonton are gaining traffic online. We also learned where they could improve and opportunities that other local dental clinics can use to gain new patient bookings online.

Here are five of the top dental clinics in Edmonton and some of their key performance indicators: 

We also tracked what keywords each clinic is ranking for compared to other clinics:

Lets take a look at Dental Choice.  Here are all the keywords that they are ranking #1 for in the Edmonton area when it comes to dental searches:

When analyzed together all five dental clinics have 71 of the keywords in common with each other.

Where could you see improvement?

The use of video is necessary when it comes to online marketing, especially going into 2018. In the case of the five dental studios that we tracked, there was no case of consistent video usage such as Youtube integration, Facebook live, or short term video content such as Instagram stories or Snapchat.

Lets take a look at Infinity Dental…

Infinity Dental is currently ranking number one for the following keywords: “Emergency dentist sherwood park,” “sunshine dental edmonton,” and “edmonton dentistry.” To rank in the top three increases your click through rate drastically.  Here are the latest click through stats of 2017.

We know the dental market online at fusedlogic and we have generated new patient bookings at 4.78M in new patient booking value. We want to help you gain more knowledge so if you have questions please feel free to contact us today. If you are a dentist looking to capture more online leads we will send you our full report for free which is packed with data and also includes key strategies used!

Would you like to see this type of data for your business? Maybe you want to dive into what your competition is doing online? Contact us today to learn more!

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