AI for Every Business

AI for Every Business

Artificial intelligence is the stuff of sci-fi fantasy capturing the attention of writers, researchers, scientists, and the general public for decades. Artifical intelligence and robotics have been central to legendary storytelling for many years from Isaac Asimov, to Skynet, to iRobot, Star Trek, and others. AI, however, is no longer the stuff of fiction or the hardly-believable movie plot that dazzles our minds. AI has stepped out of the silver screen and is, for now, standing patiently by, waiting for your attention! But not for long!

Artificial Intelligence for Every Business

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Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing, most dynamic industries in the world. Current research indicates that global revenue from AI for enterprise applications will grow to $31.2B in 2025. This is no surprise when you consider that since 2000 there has been a 14X increase in active AI startups. Projections by the World Economic Forum for the job market are just as staggering, due in part to automation, with 75 million job roles declining and 130 million job roles emerging. There is no doubt that AI is disrupting the world as we know it.

The limits of what can be done with AI have not yet been determined and likely will not be ascertained for some time. Applications for AI are being developed, and have been developed across a multitude of industries to address numerous business issues. AI has been shown to enhance customer service, improve productivity, reduce manufacturing defects, and the yield on a square-meter of farmland. You’ve interacted with AI yourself if you have the Google Assistant on your phone or own a Google Home; AI has likely helped you out if you’ve ever used an online chat to talk to a business; and the Amazon Echo Look wants to help you pick out your outfit.

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AI is not going away and is only getting bigger. AI will impact every business one way or another, no question. Every business owner and executive needs to look carefully at their organization and how AI can play a role going forward. The questions you need to ask yourself include: what are the business problems you are trying to solve? What are the inefficiencies in your organization or process? What solutions do you currently have deployed? What kind of data do you have access to? What would the ultimate outcome be for an AI solution?

Having the answers to these questions will position you well to understand how to proceed when considering how to integrate AI in your business. The solution could be quite simple or very, very complex. If you would like to talk more about what role AI plays in your business, speak to us today!

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