The Power of Media for Hire

The power of “media for hire” goes directly to the heart of what we at fusedlogic and fusedlogicTV are doing.  The evolution of technology, mindset and speed at which customers expect results has opened up new opportunities for business, non-profits and government agencies alike.  

Imagine your organization has an important communications and/or marketing need.  That probably describes just about every one at some point.  Now ask yourself, how can you leverage digital communications to accomplish your goals in part or as a whole?

fusedlogic clients leveraging our services continue to experience, in this case, how video production done well and with the proper plan opens up targeted business doors to drive results.

Video traffic 91% by 2014

Google, the owner of YouTube states 50.5% of all US consumers watch video online.  Cisco states further that video currently makes up 40% of all internet traffic, and expected to climb to 91% by 2014.  

This traffic will inevitably include pornography, cuddly kittens, full-length feature films, skateboarders crushing their melons trying to land tricks, and everything in between.


Opportunity: Your Custom WebTV Show

We’ve taken over all the production hassles for you, and if you don’t have your digital strategy figured out, we can certainly help you there too.  In fact, it’s best that this is all integrated together.  

Live streaming, recorded video production, custom virtual sets, on-location video production in Edmonton, Calgary and the rest of Alberta.  

Don’t be afraid to contact us for more information about our video production services or mainstream digital strategy capabilities that include social media.