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A Massive List of 2017 Social Media Trends

As in decades past, everyone is feverishly publishing their trends and watching social media predictions for 2017.  Experts upon experts, amongst the gaggles of bona fide influencers are weighing in and allowing us to peer into their technology crystal balls.

So we here at fusedlogic don’t want to get behind the times and want to always provide value to you, our loyal blog reading audience.  With that in mind, we’ve aggregated some top blog posts from across the Interwebs to provide you the gift of time.

Social Media in 2017: What do the Experts Predict?

A discussion at econsultancy.com about live streaming video (something we were doing a lot of in 2009), artificial intelligence, and how it will influence marketing campaigns such as Chat Bots, and virtual reality.

None of this is brand new information and certainly this technology has been evident in 2016; these experts are simply suggesting an increase.

2017 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions from 70 Marketing Leaders from Bryan Kramer

There are several mentions of data targeting, live streaming video, and user generated content into social platforms like Facebook.  I suppose from our perspective this remains the same.  This is a very easy format to consume this type of content and we salute Bryan Kramer for the use of slide share to distribute this content.  Very clean and efficient.

Adweek: 6 Digital Trends in 2017 That Will Redefine Influence and Interactions for Marketers

@KingKevin of Edelman Digital provides his insights on Adweek that includes Chatbots, VR, influencer marketing, and finally someone mentions the Blockchain.
We believe the Blockchain will make a fundamental surge in 2017 and continue to change the view towards crypto currency.  Still an enigma to many, Kevin King explains how central banks are jumping on board.
A great read is Don Tapscott’s The Blockchain Revolution by the way!
Ultimately, content is still king, but algorithms, artificial intelligence in the form of Chatbots and everyday folks going live on Facebook while wearing their VR headgear looks like the order of the day in 2017.

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