• Carla

    Excellent thoughts Walter!

    I think that governments in their current form will continue to struggle with social media. It just goes against so many things that are built into their policies and processes. At the very root of social media is the premise that anyone can have a voice, that all will be laid bare in the end and that control, if it exists, is often an illusion. It has the bureaucrats waking up in a cold sweat :-)

    Governments by their very nature are large and unwieldy beasts, relying on controlled messages and established processes.

    Rather than taking 18-24 months to come up with a social media policy, they could have thrown up a wiki, notified all the departments on LinkedIn, spread the word to residents via Facebook and announced it on Twitter. Together, we could have crowdsourced a policy in a week :-)

    • http://twitter.com/fusedlogic Walter Schwabe

      Oh to dream…thanks for your comment Carla…