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    Glad to see I contributed 1 impression to the cause! My friend and I ended up driving to ScreenBurn and taking the shuttle from there. We waited about 1 minute doing it that way as opposed to upwards of an hour trying to wait for a green line bus.

    What gets me is that they said this year is “new and improved” (http://sxsw.com/shuttles) and then charged us $20 more than last year. I’d rather have “old and out-moded” if this is what is new and improved.

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    Meanwhile the City of Austin continues to strengthen this monopoly.  The following is an account forwarded to me from a local owner/operator in Austin who obviously does not want the company name published because R&R has big pockets, and had serious influence with getting the latest regulations passed through the city of Austin.  According to several resources, Arcediano recently formed a “Central Texas Limousine Association” and somehow became the self appointed president. It is a small town, and the little guys cannot risk taking these companies on in public. 

    Account from a local company:
    While picking up a client at one of the hotels, I learned of what the Twitter Universe calls an “Epic Fail” with the SXSW Shuttle Service. Passengers were lined up and complaining that they had been waiting for more than an hour, and were desperate to get rides to their scheduled sessions. They had all prepaid for the transportation and were not getting responses from the provider, two women were scheduled to participate in a panel and missed the session completely. 
    I could not help them at this time since I had a passenger.  My client suggested that I go back to this hotel, or another one at which his partner was staying, and provide some “on call” service because he had already received numerous text messages from associates expressing concern about shuttle availability. 
    The restrictions placed on my company by the City of Austin prohibited me from jumping in and providing immediate relief to ensure that SXSW attendees made it to their events on time.
    I should be able to book these rides, on site, ON DEMAND for these extremely aggravated visitors. Restricted by regulations, I will continue to explain to them why I cannot simply take their group to the convention center for $40.  I will express my empathy for their frustration, sympathy for their missing their session, then thank them for visiting my city.  Then I will drive away in my empty, fully licensed, permitted, insured SUV, because I cannot afford to have my permit revoked.

    It was estimated that the 2011 SXSW injecting approximately $167 million into the Austin economy.  With Formula One on the horizon, it is imperative that we achieve smart growth. It is not in Austin’s best interest to be placing anti-competitive restrictions in place to grow monopolies, especially those which fail their customers.

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      For Help call Tom Lincoln at Austin Area Limousines at 512-386-8600.  He is working to organize an association with the NLA to help ALL limousine companies in Austin.

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    And I don’t know why I keep showing up as a Demo Example, but I wish that I were -what a great way to go through life.  Just a Demo!!! :->

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