Creating Personality on a Business Blog at Edmonton’s iMedia

I looked at the iMedia Social Media Conference’s schedule and my break out session “Creating Personality on a Business Blog” was scheduled to go 2 hours, instead of the 1 hour I was originally told.  

Internal dialogue:” but I only prepared for the one hour…looks like I’m going to have to fill time…”

This is the problem with having a simple mind.  

After speaking with Carol McBee who explained that my session was so popular that they decided to schedule it twice back to back, my stress level reduced sharply.  Now I’m not that special, in fact, the iMedia attendees picked 5 sessions including mine requiring this repeat performance.  Great job by iMedia to give their attendees what they wanted.   

I want to thank the iMedia attendees who attended my session in advance, here’s my presentation for your enjoyment.