We are looking to expand our team and need skilled individuals in the following fields:

fusedlogic inc., one of Canada’s leading digital strategy and social media engagement and training firms, is looking for highly creative, talented and mature interns, as well as people ready for a career challenge now. Preferred skills are those related to all things social, streaming video production, TV show, radio show production, camera operations, sound technology and yes even those proficient at rolling up cables. Everyone does everything at fusedlogic.

You must be mobile, have a laptop and a smart phone. We’re a mac shop and have been known to flog PC users on Fridays until they buy beer. You’ll need to think fast and act even faster, and be cross-functional and dynamic. This is NOT 9-5 work. We’re global. This type of work must be a passion to the bone, no slugs who are still trying to find themselves by walking the earth like a nomad need apply.

We value loyalty, reliability, professionalism, crazy passion and above all, honour and trustworthiness. Our brand is impeccable and you would need to defend it through your excellent work as a part of our team.

Successful applicants will need to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement, (we must keep secrets, ours and theirs). You must be able to start immediately and be willing to start on the ground floor.

We enable thought-leaders to influence the world more effectively.
If you’re talented, you’ll find out what email address to apply to, who to address it to and where our Lab is… Furthermore, really talented top applicants will find interesting ways of getting our attention.

Join us!

Account Executive

Business is the air you breathe. Your mind is always busy with new ideas to sustain and expand our operations to new markets and areas. The best account executives demonstrate strong customer oriented communications, they network like mad, and know how to generate leads with top organizations. The best account executives are not order takers, they’re intensive listeners who seek to understand the client’s world before they speak in a thought provoking way. They clearly understand what it means to close a client and begin a new relationship and sustain existing ones.

This is a difficult position to fill, not only do you need to understand the social web and our services, but you also need to have a strong will to build business, most people are lazy. They love to chat but cannot close the deal. We need professional people of action who understand business and take pride in their work. You should have a laptop, vehicle and be ready to generate change immediately…If this is you, you’ll find a way to let us know.

Camera Operators


  • Knowledge of HD and SD formats
  • Knowledge of various camera models
  • Experience shooting/lighting live and produced content (ENG and EFP)
  • Ability to work on their own
  • Availability to deploy quickly on locations
  • Passion for web casting and live internet video

Contact: with portfolio/demo links and for more details

Video Editors


  • Apple Final Cut Pro preferred
  • Knowledge of file formats, compression codecs
  • Passion for web casting and live internet video
  • Your own equipment

Contact: with portfolio/demo links and for more details

Digital Community Manager

The ideal candidate will have experience in one or more of these areas: communications, marketing, public relations, and client relations. They must be very organized and have better than average writing skills. This Internet savvy individual will also be able to provide a list of software they are able to use regarding productivity and will be comfortable in many social media and Web 2.0 work environments.

We are looking for a strong team member who is a good fit for our organization and culture who loves to laugh. This person must be willing to work tirelessly in the pursuit of client happiness and they must be passionate about changing the world through social media.

You should have your own transportation, be willing to work flexible hours and have a laptop and smartphone.

To apply please find an interesting way to capture our digital attention.

Analytics Specialist

Are you passionate about analytics? We are looking for a creative person with analytics background to join our growing team. You love data and how it underlies all what is around us from simple social media numbers to intricate return on investment results interpretations. It is essential to you that all related numbers are explained in a clear manner that you can get across to team members and clients when needed in professional language and charts, diagrams or infographics. You have a working proficiency and background in data analysis software and related visual illustrations. You are able to work effectively and professionally with minimum supervision and flexibility. You don’t have to be a graphic designer, by the way. fusedlogic highly values creativity so if you have that in you, approach us.

Project Manager with Strong Digital Communications

Our clientele is growing across the city and province with plans to take over portions of the market on the national level. We assign project managers to each client to overlook day to day client operations in the best possible quality and professionality. We are looking for a creative Project Manager with strong digital communications background, social savvy and able to manage projects effectively and professionally with minimum supervision and flexibility. Someone who is more than comfortable around new media and online marketing processes. Your work will span over a colorful and exciting range of fields and tasks such as daily social media posting, writing, copyediting, digital strategy planning, analytics, reporting, client relations, and some design as well cooperating the work of our graphic designers and SEO specialists. Simply put, you will make things happen. Are you up to the challenge, creatively? Tell us about yourself.

Graphic Design Artist

Creativity is all what matters and then other things fall into place properly. You are highly creative, with a sense of astounding symmetry and sharp minimalism. Your taste is governed by professionalism fit to be displayed on client websites, posters, brochures, business cards, and digital and print marketing material. You are able to work effectively and professionally with minimum supervision and flexibility. If you have that and a minimum of two years of industry experience, we might need to talk soon.

Research Assistant

Are you a research nut? We are always looking for people to research certain project-focused data and background information. Whatever your field of expertise, send us and let’s chat about how we might be able to work together.


Writing is part of everything we do. Everyone on the team writes material for multiple formats and styles. We still need a dedicated writer who can write technical copy, business copy, articles, blogs, and is a natural storyteller. Make sure to include your previous work when contacting us.

Send your resumes and any related documents to: