About Us

Our experience accelerates growth

We’re here to help brands find the most effective means of communicating with their audience online. We do this by creating social media strategies that are designed to help accomplish client business goals, and helping brands manage their online communities.

Since 2004, we’ve been studying what today is called the “social web.” However, our roots in the Internet space date back to our corporate beginning in 2000. No one knows what the next big breakthrough technology will be, but with that long-standing background and experience to support us, we can guarantee that if it makes sense for our clients, we’ll use it to their advantage.

Founded in March of 2000 with a vision of bringing out the best in businesses through the implementation of marketing strategies that just work, fusedlogic continues to excel in our now modern, digital world. Our values revolve around trust, relationship-building and delivering excellence through our work.

Our belief is that each individual client is as unique as the next thus we are always in a state of learning, educating and evolving, especially in the domain of digital marketing in which change is seen everyday. As well, any large shift in Google’s search engine guidelines (e.g. Panda update in 2011, or Hummingbird update in 2013) has the power to fundamentally alter the web-space and, in turn, drastically affect your business performance. It’s important that you partner with a company that aims to make no compromises on targets and quality. A company that has withstood the test of time and is equipped with the appropriate tools and team for success.

fusedlogic is proactive in it’s approach to adapting to the changing online environment. Not only do we stay current with the changes in the online marketplace, we take measures to ensure we understand what changes/trends are incoming.

That being said, the fundamentals powering our digital marketing services are still the same. You are either engaging your clientele, or you’re not. For example, in social media marketing (or traffic generation), it is absolutely key that you provide individual visitors with rich, meaningful content. The fusedlogic team works with our clients to establish work processes that look to ensure your content is genuine and engaging. We’ve seen a multitude of search engine/social media changes over the last 11 years, despite that, the focus remains on richly created content.

Earning Your Trust

Gaining the trust of our clients is an absolute priority for us. Considering the multitude of businesses offering similar services, what is the fusedlogic promise and how can you be assured we’re a dependable, trustworthy service provider? Talk to us about your needs and see what we can do specifically for you. Let’s build our businesses together.

Another way is to take a look at our ever-growing list of clients and successful business cases. Being in the industry for over 15 years, fusedlogic has earned the business of clients across many industries, clients whom we’ve left more than satisfied with our work.

We’ve successfully delivered our services for clients ranging from local dental clinics, universities and colleges, government agencies, to the Canadian divisions of multinational tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft, not to mention countless small and medium sized businesses. Marketing is what we do! Check out our Business Cases page for more!

Letter from the CEO

Walter Schwabe 7For me, there is nothing more important than earning and retaining the trust of our clients.

I believe the long-term success of both your business and ours must be built on a foundation of trust; this is especially important due to the highly technical nature of the work we do for you every day.

I understand that when you agree to work with fusedlogic, you are entrusting us with your company’s brand – a brand you’ve worked tirelessly to develop and protect and so we take this responsibility very seriously. The success of your brand propels the success of ours.

Having been in the Internet marketing industry for over 17 years, I’ve worked hard to help fusedlogic earn and retain the business of clients across many industries. I have over 35,000 hours of dedicated experience developing digital marketing strategies that effectively leverage social technologies.
As a result, I am asked to provide regular commentary as a subject matter expert in mainstream media, I have kept listeners current in their knowledge of social media through a weekly radio show, and have been asked to speak publicly on the international stage; my expertise has made fusedlogic a Canadian leader in this space. Our client list spans all three levels of government, many large corporations including Microsoft, post-secondary institutions, and countless small and mid-sized organizations.

Despite our extensive experience, and given the changes seen in the digital space every day, we at fusedlogic never stop learning and innovating. Accelerating business growth continues to be a rewarding challenge for my team and I, helping you achieve your business goals fuels our passion and creativity.


As Founder, President and Chief Evolution Officer of fusedlogic inc,
I invite you to consider all that we have to offer.


Walter Schwabe