Walter Schwabe has been helping entrepreneurs generate and implement rare ideas for over 10 years as the Chief Evolution Officer of fusedlogic inc., which over the past 6 years has quietly evolved into one of Canada’s leading social media engagement firms.

In 2009, fusedlogic consulted on social media issues for the Public Affairs Bureau – Government of Alberta, ATB Financial, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, MacEwan School of Business, Fringe Theatre Adventures, and Industry Canada. Into 2010, fusedlogic is working with amazing organizations such as NorQuest College, the City of Edmonton’s IT Branch and Communications, Health Canada, and Microsoft.


A freelance writer and former columnist for Edmontonians Magazine, Walter was published in CGA Magazine December ’09 and since 2005 he has written countless blog posts and articles.  Walter has been quoted in the Edmonton Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Edmonton Sun and has appeared on Global Television and CTV on subjects related to social media.  Walter also hosts fusedlogicTV, a regular video webcast.  He’s also writing a book on Government 2.0, titled Escape Velocity, due out in 2010.

Speaking Experience

As a seasoned public speaker, Walter has presented at numerous events, seminars, and conferences in Canada and the US, including Washington State’s Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction, International Association of Business Communicators, Canadian Public Relations Society, Canadian Women in Communications, the Business Link, IDEAfest, Edmonton and Sherwood Park Chambers of Commerce, Rotary International, Government of Alberta, NorQuest College, and MacEwan School of Business, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta and Parkland County.  Walter was the Chair of the Advanced Learning Institute’s Social Media for Government conference as well as, Acuity Forums Executing Social Media conference in Calgary.


Cannot Thank @fusedlogic enough for the presentation today. It was my four years of university summed up into one hour. Inspiration through information!

Lee Martineau, Executing Social Media conference attendee

“Walter did an outstanding job chairing the Social Media for Government conference, held in Edmonton, January 25-28. Right from the start, Walter displayed his passion for people and helping others make sense of social media. He conceptualized group exercises and carried them out with confidence and expertise. Walter is very thorough in his work and is clearly an industry leader in the field of social media. We were very fortunate to have Walter participate as the conference chair, and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for an effective leader and speaker.” February 2, 2010

Kelly Flynn, Conference Producer, Advanced Learning Institute

“I would be remiss if I did not make an official comment about Walter’s presentation and ablilities. He made a presentation to members of the Human Resources Management Association of Edmonton on Social Networking in companies and particularly in HR. Walter’s presentation was practical, interesting, informative and fun. Many of our members commented to me about the practicability of this sort of information within HR and what they had gained from it. I have seen Walter under other circumstances at MacEwan and he is definately the real deal and genuine article. I have ne problems in recommending him.” January 13, 2010

Don Schepens, MBA, CHRP, CCP, President, Human Resources Management Association of Edmonton

“Social Media is an industry that did not exist 5 years ago, I cannot emphasize how important it is for companies to come to grips with the new realities of social media and non traditional communication. If you do this right you gain much, do it badly and you will lose far more than you know. A leader and knowledge champion in this new industry is Walter at fusedlogic inc.” January 5, 2010

Doug Elniski, Member, Legislative Asembly of Alberta

“The moment I met Walter, I was immediately impressed by his passion for his work. This is a man who will go the distance for your company – treating you and your colleagues as his own. His long list of accomplishments are a testament to his creativity, intelligence and capabilities. Through his enthusiasm for social media, Walter creates opportunities. He is certainly one to watch.” December 11, 2009

Sarah Parker, Marketing Consultant, Grant MacEwan University – MacEwan School of Business

Additional Info

Below is an excerpt from one of Walter Schwabe’s presentations and Walter is explaining Beth Kanter’s blog and funding raising effort on Twitter (follow @fusedlogic on Twitter) live while at Gnomedex 2008.

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